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Simultaneous interpreters in Bogota, Cali and Medellin – simultaneous translation service in Colombia

Simultaneous interpretation, also known as “simultaneous translation” is defined as the assignment of interpreters to translate a message from a speaker at an event or conference, which is interpreting (translated) into the other language simultaneously (instantaneously) using simultaneous translation equipment; such as a translation booth that comes with a wireless transmitter and sound console, wireless headphones for attendees, and microphones. Certified translator.

The nature of the event defines whether the assignment of a simultaneous or consecutive interpreter is necessary. Therefore, it is important that the client provide us with the basic information of the event or service, in order to establish if a simultaneous interpreter is needed, or if a consecutive interpreter is rather needed.

As the name implies, simultaneous translation is done simultaneously (redundancy notwithstanding) and with non-stop as the conference progresses. This means that the speaker or lecturer does not have to stop his/her presentation / speech repeatedly for the interpreter to translate such information. What would not happen with consecutive interpretation where time is doubled, since the speaker must stop at each sentence for the interpreter’s intervention, which would cause important details of the content of the message to be lost in the interpretation process.

The intervention of two simultaneous interpreters is usually necessary when it comes to a job that requires a high concentration level and long interpretation hours (more than 2 consecutive hours). The two interpreters take turns every 20 to 30 minutes depending on the topic complexity and they support each other in verifying terms. Finally, this guarantees a high-quality work, where any detail that may arise is covered by the interpreter who is not on duty (clarify the use of terms preferred by the client at the time, ensure that everyone has a good reception of the signal, etc.)

The final objective is to achieve a simultaneous (perfect) interpretation, where neither the speaker / lecturer nor the audience even notice the intervention, and in many cases, even the interpreter’s shift change.

In order for our company to make a simultaneous or consecutive interpreter(s) quote, please provide us the following basic information:

  1. Contact information: name, company, telephone and email.
  2. Explain the type of event (indicate if it is a symposium, congress, marriage, ceremony, seminar, course, workshop, conference, inauguration, tour in plant or facilities – classroom and plant – audit – platform – business meeting, press conference, etc. )
  3. Date and place of the event (city, indicate if auditorium – platform – lounge in hotel – other – specify if it is an open or closed place).
  4. Number of people / event attendees (this is basic requirement to define the total number of wireless headphones for attendees)
  5. Indicate the topics of the conference or event
  6. Event hours or daily itinerary
  7. Indicate if you have special requirements
  8. Inform if it is a special event that requires two or more languages
  9. Inform if you require the supply / rental of equipment for simultaneous translation to be included in the quote
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